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What do you get with HappyWriter?

HappyWriter is the first online writing platform focused on helping writers create results (aka putting good words on the page).

Process Driven Curriculum

At the center of HappyWriter is the Core Curriculum, a nine-part, on-demand course that will teach you how to build a prolific writing process.

Monthly Writing Workshops

Get your work read and workshopped in a safe and supportive writing group (we have rules). Each month, writers exchange 10 pages for workshop on Zoom.​

A Community of Fiction Writers

HappyWriter is built around a thriving group of fiction writers who all share a similar interest: to get their story onto the page. ​

Monthly Live Coaching

Join Brian for a live monthly group coaching call. Ask any question about writing, the curriculum... or, anything!

Author-led Masterclasses

Learn the craft of writing with monthly live, author-led masterclasses, and workshops.

A library of writing education content

Technique is still important, and so HappyWriter has an archive of writing content focused on various parts of the storytelling process.

Trusted by over 120 writers...

HappyWriter has been the perfect mix of resources, encouragement, and inspiration. I love the connections I’ve made, and the trainings and workshops have been phenomenal. Brian and his team go above and beyond in making you feel supported and have the information you need to be successful on your writing journey.

– Rebecca, a HappyWriter

For several years I have scoured the internet trying to find out what it takes to become a successful published author. Since finding Happywriter, I now have a path to lead me there.

– Matthew, a HappyWriter

Nancy, a HappyWriter